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Pete Ybarra @Tattoogiant1

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Tattoo Artist / Piercer

Melissa, a dynamic tattoo artist from El Paso, Texas, is known for her stunning spider tattoos and bold chest pieces. Her work embodies a grimey style, full of depth and character, making her a standout in the Texas ink scene. As an El Paso artist, Melissa’s creativity shines through each tattoo, whether it’s a captivating spider design or a unique chest tattoo. Her use of dynamic ink brings each piece to life, solidifying her reputation as not just a tattoo artist but a true creator of wearable art. Melissa’s portfolio is a testament to her skill and artistic vision, making her a must-visit tattoo artist for those seeking exceptional and meaningful ink. #spidertattoo #chesttattoo #grimeytattoo #elpasotattoos #elpasoartist #texasink #tattooartist #tattoo #dynamicink

Pete Y Jr. Apprentice Tattoo Artist

Pete Y Jr.


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Corinna Tattoo Artist

Discover the artistry of El Paso’s renowned female tattoo artist, a master in crafting breathtaking Native tattoos and elegant portrait tattoos. Her unique style blends intricate ornamental designs with stunning depictions of women, showcasing her exceptional talent in both native lady tattoos and portrait tattoos. As a pioneer in the world of ink, she’s not just a tattooist but a storyteller, bringing each client’s vision to life with precision and creativity. Her work in the ornamental tattoo designs is a testament to her skill and passion, making her a standout in the art of ink and a trailblazer among female tattoo artists.

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